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28 July 1989
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Atsuki Ruru just call me Ruru :D from Indonesia. English is my second language, sorry about my bad english ^^' I'm Fandoming NEWS and Hey!Say!JUMP YamaPi (Yamashita Tomohisa) is my ichiban. I love Massu & Yuto too ♥ my fav OTP is RyoTego all hail ryotego XD but please don't force me to choose TegoPi or Ryotego coz i love both of them XD *kicked*
As a part timer fangirling XD i love make icons *i'm an iconist?* XD naaah~ i just love make a design, all my works can be find pacific_jump The other things about my world, i'm an animanga~ include the yaoi things XD/font>
My journal is friends only journal ♥ i HATE random adding so please don't add me if you only want to make you flist bigger~ random adding just flooding my flist (>_<)/ comment here first before you added me. i won't added you back if you not leave any comment there

Feel free to friend me coz i love make a huge friends ♥♥♥ it'll be nice if you comment first ^^ I least let me know who you are :D and why you interest with my journal~
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